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With 17+ Years of experience in ESD Consulting, you will be well served by our qualified and personally selected in house specialist BASIX Certificate Consultants. Please reach out, we would love to work with you on your next important project. All our work is completed in Australia on time from our local reliable NSW Sydney office.

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17+ years NABERS Assessment experience

Our diverse team of professionals include, architects, accredited assessor and ESD specialists. With 17 years experience "what is strategic planning for NABERS?" is something we can answer with ease.

Accuracy and Consistency

We strive to deliver 100% accuracy and reliability with estimating for NABERS. Our people take the time to understand your project and to implement strategies and advice that will help you achieve your objectives.



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Professional NABERS Consulting Team

Certified Energy's accredited NABERS assessors are the experts in how strategic planning can improve the design, function and efficiency of your projects. We undertake estimation modelling to for new buildings to help control of your energy costs.

Cost effective strategic report for NABERS

We strive to achieve affordable and fast strategic plans for your projects to reduce the costs of potential energy and provide advice and solutions on how to ensure a building meets NABERS requirements.



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The strategic report provides key research and workshop outcomes and highlights the opportunities to build on work already underway, fill gaps and overcome barriers. This is presented in form of desired outcomes and proposed actions such as building a trusted evidence base, raising awareness and building capacity, developing and promoting tools to improve energy performance and aid decision-making.

The overall points of the reports include:

  • the profile of a project
  • Issues and barriers
  • Pathway: outcomes and the possible solutions to achieve outcomes

Undertaking a strategic plan helps review and audit the condition and operation of commercial buildings for NABERS energy, water and waste, providing recommendations to improve energy productivity as well as achieve a higher NABERS rating.

Choosing the right pathway to achieving a high NABERS rating score can be a major competitive advantage in the commercial market.


NABERS ratings are a mandatory requirement for all commercial building space over 2000m2 and measure an existing building's environmental performance during operation. NABERS rates a building on the basis of its measured operational impacts in categories. Those categories are energy, water, waste, indoor environment.

We conducts strategic planning to estimate the NABERS ratings for new and existing commercial buildings 

Certified Energy will look at each of the building’s services and identifies opportunities to improve their energy efficiency to achieve a theoretical model and a NABERS rating in line with the expectations of the Asset.

The cost of the assessment varies depending on the size and difficulty of the project.

We use DesignBuilder software to undertake computer modelling and energy simulation, delivering 100% accurate insights into the building envelope response as well as space and surface temperatures, internal loads, equipment loads, energy consumption, and other aspects.

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