Local Council Services

Unlock the power of spatial intelligence for your local council in Australia

Spatial Intelligence

Download LGA Spatial Data

  • Accurate building vector footprints
  • Building heights and building elevation heights
  • Floor-Space Ratios for all Cadastral parcels
  • Secondary dwelling structures
  • Pool identification
  • Tree & vegetation footprint and heights
  • Customisable geographic areas & data for maps

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Spatial Services

24 Months Minimum Subscription

  • Spatial Intelligence Plus
  • Potential non-compliance of building heights, FSR with current zoning plans
  • Time-change series of new structures and where are trees cut-off 
  • Sustainability and liveability index: of suburbs within council including details of all economical, social, and environment features
  • Detailed report and maps about how much water, grass, trees in each suburb
  • 3D City modelling and visualisation 
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Smart Cities and Suburbs Program

Partner Smart GIS

  • Smart Aerial Compliance 
  • Illegal building structures
  • Illegal tree removal
  • Automated roads pavement survey 
  • Time change mapping 
  • Illegal dumping 
  • Micro-weather models
  • Micro-risks for all properties in council, including storm, fire, flood and heat islands.
  • Automated council reports including: 
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Spatial Intelligence Innovation

Here are some of the benefits for local councils

Big Data Efficiency

  • Comprehensive LGA building survey
  • Automated feature extraction 
  • Machine learning application
  • Large scale time series changes 
  • Local road pavement areas
  • Tree maintainance for road enhancements 

Aerial Compliance Tools

  • Swimming pool identification
  • Illegal building structures
  • Illegal building additions
  • Illegal building heights 
  • Illegal tree removal


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