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Green Star is an internationally recognised rating system that delivers independent verification of sustainable outcomes throughout the life cycle of the built environment. Green Star’s mission is to “lead the sustainable transformation of the built environment”. Green Star aims to achieve this by encouraging practices that:

  • Reduce the impact of climate change.
  • Enhance the health and quality of life of inhabitants and the sustainability of the built environment.
  • Restore and protect the planet’s biodiversity and ecosystems.
  • Ensure the ongoing optimum operational performance of buildings.
  • Contribute to market transformation and a sustainable economy.

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Green Star Accredited professional

Accredited Professional: 1 point is available where a Green Star Accredited Professional – Design & As Built (GSAP) has been contractually engaged to provideadvice, support and information related to Green Star principles, structure, timing and processes, at all stages of the project, leading to certification. (For More Information click here)

Basix Pathway

This method applies to Class 2 multi-unit residential dwellings, the immediate adjacent areas used to access the dwellings and areas which provide common amenities for use by residents only. This method can only be used for projects located in New South Wales. Class 1 dwellings can also use this method; however, the relevant clauses will need to be adapted to the relevant BASIX compliance criteria applicable to this type of buildings and their construction. (For More Information click here)

NABERS Energy Commitment Agreement Pathway

This pathway applies to Class 5 office buildings. Where NABERS Energy Commitment Agreements are available to other building types, this pathway may be used. A Technical Question should be submitted to the GBCA for approval prior to use, as the Compliance Requirements may differ for other building classes. (For More Information click here)

Indoor Air Quality - 4 points Available

Aim of the credit is to to recognise projects that provide high indoor air quality to occupants. The credit criteria includes: 9.1 Ventilation System Attributes (1 point), 9.2 Provision of Outdoor Air (2 points) and 9.3 Exhaust or Elimination of Pollutants (1 point). (For More Information click here)

acoustic comfort - 3 points available

Aim of the credit is to reward projects that provide appropriate and comfortable acoustic conditions for occupants. The credit criteria includes: 10.1 Internal Noise Levels (1 point), 10.2 Reverberation (1 point) and 10.3 Acoustic Separation (1 point). (For More Information click here)

thermal comfort - 2 points available

Aim of the credit is to recognise projects that achieve high levels of thermal comfort. Credit criteria includes: 14.1 Thermal Comfort* (1 point) and 14.2 Advanced Thermal Comfort* (1 additional point). (For More Information click here)

life cycle impacts

To reward the reduction of the environmental impacts of building materials for the whole building over its entire life cycle. Up to 5 points are available where the project reduces the amount of building materials used. The following options are included in this pathway: Concrete; Steel; and Building Reuse; and Structural Timber. There are 8 points available between the options in this pathway. However, only a maximum of 5 points can be awarded depending on the project’s specific conditions. (For More Information click here)

Reference Building Pathway

We provide advice, support and information related to Reference Building Pathway, structure, timing and processes, at all stages of the project, leading to certification. This method applies to the energy modelling of Class 2 to 9 buildings. Class 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 buildings intending to demonstrate compliance with JP1 NCC 2019 using Verification Method JV2 will need to use this pathway. (For More Information click here)

Prescriptive Pathway

Up to 10 points can be awarded where the Class 3 to 9 parts of a building exceed the minimumSection J requirements in accordance with the following requirements. || Nine (9) points are presented for energy efficiency measures, however a maximum of 7 points may be awarded || R3.15.05 and an additional five (5) for procuring renewable energy off-site. (For More Information click here)

Nathers Rating Pathway - 16 points available

Up to 16 points are available under this pathway. Points are awarded on a continuous scale for the energy intensity reduction of the dwelling through improved thermal performance; and more efficient lighting, ventilation, building sealing, domestic hot water, and appliances and equipment. Final rounding to a whole number occurs in the Green Star total score calculation. (For More Information click here)

Visual comfort - 3 points available

Aim of the credit is to recognise the delivery of well-lit spaces that provide high levels of visual comfort to building occupants. Credit criteria includes: 12.0 Glare Reduction, 12.1 Daylight and 12.2 Views. (For More Information click here)

indoor pollutants - 2 points available

Aim of the credit is to recognise projects that safeguard occupant health through the reduction in internal air pollutant levels. Credit criteria includes: 13.1Paints, Adhesives, Sealants and Carpets and; 13.2 Engineered Wood Products. (For More Information click here)

Lighting Comfort - 3 points available

Aim of the credit is to encourage and recognise well-lit spaces that provide a high degree of comfort to users. The credit criteria includes: 11.0 Minimum Lighting Comfort, 11.1 General Illuminance and Glare Reduction (1 point), 11.2 Surface Illuminance (1 point) and 11.3 Localised Lighting Control (1 point). (For More Information click here)

life cycle assessment

19A.1 Comparative Life Cycle Assessment - Up to 6 points are available where a whole-of-building, whole- of-life life cycle assessment (LCA) is conducted for the project and a reference building. Points are awarded based on the extent of environmental impact reduction achieved for nominated environmental impact categories, when compared to a reference building. Points from operational energy reductions are capped at 3 out of the 6 points available for 19A.1. (For More Information click here)


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