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BASIX Basics: What you need to know

Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions relating to BASIX certifications!

What is a BASIX Certificate? 

The Building Sustainability index (BASIX) aims to accommodate NSW through reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption with a proposed design. In order to meet the requirements of the NSW governments environmental targets, a BASIX certificate must be obtained by your residential building.

Obtaining a BASIX certification not only enhances the journey to a sustainable future, but the homeowner will also be benefited through a reduction in water and energy bills.

What are the performance targets set by the NSW government?

  • Up to a 40% reduction in potable water consumption
  • Up to a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and
  • Minimum performance levels of thermal comfort.

 How much potable water and greenhouse gas emissions should I be consuming?

  • Water- the NSW benchmark per person is 90,340 litres per year
  • Energy- the NSW benchmark per person is 3, 292 kg of CO2e per year.

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 Do I need a BASIX certificate?

 You will need a BASIX certificate under the following circumstances:

  • Lodging a development application in NSW for a new home
  • Any alteration and addition of $50,000 or more to an existing home. 

Find out more in-depth information regarding the circumstances in which your project would require a BASIX Certificate below. 

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 What are the BASIX criteria?

 The process of obtaining a BASIX certification means that the assessor must take into account the following criteria:

  • Location of the building
  • Orientation size of the building
  • Construction type of the building
  • Window size and type of the building
  • Landscaping of the building
  • Appliances used within the building

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 How much is a BASIX certificate?

 BASIX cost includes the required costs of the BASIX certificate as well as the cost of assessment. The cost of the assessment varies depending on the size and difficulty of the project.

 At Certified Energy, the costs vary. If your project does not require simulation, the BASIX certificate cost can range from $200-$350. This varies depending on the size of the project and is inclusive of GST and government disbursements.If your project requires simulation, an hourly fee of $100 per hour of work is charged.

 What is the process for a BASIX Certificate?

 basix process

Does a BASIX Certificate expire?

 Yes they do! You have exactly 3 months to submit your BASIX certificate to the council before it expires. If you complete your submission to the council after 3 months from the date of issue, you will need to obtain a completely new certificate.

 How do I obtain a BASIX Certification?

You can prepare for a BASIX certification by using the Governments DIY tools, although this can be tricky.No need to fret!

The team at Certified Energy are here to help! You can get your BASIX certificate competed by our accredited professionals. Download Your Free BASIX assessment tool below to assist in speeding up the communication process withour team.

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