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2 min read

Visualising the Impact of Climate Change on Landscapes

Viewshed diagrams are a powerful tool for visualising the potential impact of climate change on landscapes and...

2 min read

Emerging Technologies of Visual Impact Assessments

Visual Impact Assessments (VIA) are an essential process used to evaluate the potential environmental impact of...

3 min read

VIAs and Integration with Other Assessments

Visual Impact Assessments (VIA) are an essential component of environmental assessments and are used to evaluate the...

4 min read

The Impact of Wind Turbines on ViewShed Diagrams

The sustainable energy alternative, Wind Turbines, are often used in areas of wide open space to generate large amounts...

2 min read

Should All Commercial Projects Have A WUFI Model Created?

What is a WUFI Model?

WUFI (Wärme Und Feuchte Instationär, which translates to Transient Heat and Moisture) is a...

3 min read

How to Manage Rising Building Costs with JV3

A JV3 Report is an alternative assessment method for non-residential buildings which uses a reference building to...

4 min read

Passive Commercial Projects - A trend for a greener future

What is a Passive House?

Passive House is a voluntary standard for energy-efficient building design, construction, and...

3 min read

Section J vs. JV3 - When to use Which Compliance Method

What’s the difference between a Section J and JV3?

A JV3 assessment and a Section J assessment are both methods of...

2 min read

How to Manage Rising Building Costs for new builds and renovations

Why Are Building Costs Rising?

The cost of building and construction has increased significantly due to the recent...

6 min read

Passive House Retrofit

What is a Passive House Retrofit?

Passive House retrofit is the process of upgrading an existing building to meet the...