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4 min read

Emerging Materials: Ferrock

Carbon Negative Future - Emergence of Carbon Negative Construction Materials

With the growing popularity of Ferrock...

5 min read

Emerging Materials: Mycelium Brick

The Future is Biodegradable

Development of Bio-fabricated Materials in the Construction Industry

Hy-Fi, Queen, NY, The...
4 min read

Self tinting windows - Bringing real windows back

Are your windows able to adapt with changing climates?

Glass panels/windows are an essential part of any building...

4 min read

The concrete of the future

Wouldn't it be nice if your concrete structure never cracked?

Concrete is one of the most trusted and adaptable...

2 min read

Emerging Design: Breathing Skin

The Facade of the Future: 

A Natural Way to Heat and Cool your Home

There are many ways to innovatively reduce our...

6 min read

Emerging Materials:  Water Splitting Solar Paint

Building, renovating or designing? How about transforming your roof or walls into energy producing surfaces? [1] [2] ...
4 min read

Emerging Designs: Active design 

Active Design is an evidence-based approach whereby physical activity is encouraged within a community development...

3 min read

Emerging Materials: Grasscrete

Reducing the Heat Island

How Grasscrete is Reducing the Heat Island Effect

Partially Concealed and Stone Filled Mix...

4 min read

Emerging Materials: Recycled Plastic

Recycled Architecture

Sustainable Design Through Recycling

The art world has been recycling plastic and using it for...

3 min read

Emerging Materials: Thermo Bimetals

 In the ever evolving field of architectural design, new and exciting materials are being created in order to reduce...