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NatHERS Assessor Salary

What is a NatHERS Assessor? How Much Can You Earn?


What is a NatHERS Assessor?

NatHERS is the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme and uses a 10 star rating system to assess the thermal performance of dwellings across Australia. The National Construction Code (NCC) references these star ratings specifying a minimum number of star levels for all new houses built in Australia.
BASIX supersedes the NCC in New South Wales where NatHERS approved software is used to determine the thermal comfort scores. NatHERS is the regulatory body which approves the various types of software used to assess dwellings under this scheme.
A NatHERS Assessor is highly qualified with a background in compliance assessments. They generally have a background in engineering or architecture.
A good NatHERS Assessor should have a strong understanding of thermal modelling and utilises the NatHERS approved software.
 NatHERS Assessor Salary
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How Much Is A NatHERS Assessors Salary?

  Generally, a NatHERS Assessor would have a starting salary of $45k who has no experience in the industry. This range goes up to $80k for people with 5 years+ experience working in the industry. While NatHERS Assessors who are self-employed will make upwards of $80-120k. 

How Do You Become a NatHERS Assessor? 

A NATHERS Accredited Assessor is part of a national group of certified energy raters across Australia.
To become a NAtHERS Assessors follow the steps below:
Step 1. Contact a NatHERS Assessor Accrediting Organisation (AAO) for information on their membership
There are 3 governing bodies for NatHERS:
The Australian Building Sustainability Association Ltd (ABSA)
The Building Designers Association Victoria (BDAV)
The House Energy Raters Association (HERA)
Step 2. Obtain a qualification for the use of your selected NatHERS software. 
There are 3 software tools accredited under NatHERS: AccuRate, BERS Pro and FirstRate5. 
A Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment is required to use the software. 
Step 3. Contact your local regulator for information on requirements for practising in your state or territory.

There are different requirements between states and you must contact your relevant state building regulator about any other additional requirements for your state or territory. 


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What Are The Benefits of Becoming a NATHERS Assessor? 

A NatHERS Accredited Assessor are part of one of three nationally recognised NatHERS Assessor Accrediting Organistions (AAOs):
The Australian Building Sustainability Association Ltd (ABSA)
The Building Designers Association Victoria (BDAV)
The House Energy Raters Association (HERA)
When you become accredited and join of these organisations you will receive ongoing support and technical assistance with NatHERS software, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training, regular newsletters & industry updates and much more. 
NatHERS Accredited Assessors can issue a NAtHERS Accredited Universal Certificate. This is provided after an assessor completes a home energy rating for a dwelling and it includes the NatHERS rating, logo and stamp to clearly signal the accreditation status and competence of the person to conduct energy ratings. 
An unaccredited assessor can only produce a black and white non-accredited certificate and many will find that they cannot conduct complete energy ratings for houses in certain locations. They will also have to submit evidence to Building Certifiers or to regulatory authorities that they are fit to conduct complete energy ratings.

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