our Certified energy Team

At Certified Energy our Assessors and ESD consultants are only seasoned degree qualified building professionals who will be around to solve any of your projects problems well into the future.


Our ESD Team

Bringing years of experience in Sustainability to make the world a better place.

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Jamie Bonnefin

CEO / Mountaineer

With the help of his passion for tracking the world's most famous mountains, Jamie usually has a good vision of where to go next. No matter what he takes on, Jamie is the man to move mountains.

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Mya Rao

ESD Engineer / Artist

With Mya's talent to paint any picture that comes to mind, and a technical background in Architecture, Mya has a mind that combines Aesthetics and Technical knowledge together into a magical package.

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Patricia Rocha

ESD Engineer / Socialiser

Not only is Patricia a Sustainable Design Consultant with an Architectural Degree, based in our QLD Office in the Gold Coast, but she also has an amazing talent to make people come together.

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Oliver Guan

ESD Engineer / Architect

With a passion and background in architecture, Oliver has a deep interest in ESD and biophilic architecture. He explores his creativity and knowledge through his hobby in photography. You'll find him looking for the best shots in nature.

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Brittany Edwards


A performer at heart who has a passion for ESD and an avid dancer that has performed for most of her life. You'll find Brittany bringing life to the office with her positive energy, high spirits and strong motivation in contributing to sustainability.

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Ilvy Bonnefin

General Manager / Dreamer

ilvy believes that anything is possible. Just become passionate about it. With a background in Organisational Psychology, ilvy seems to be able to attract a team around her with the very same passion: Sustainability and making a change.

Naomi Ascui

Naomi Ascui

Personal Assistant

You will find that Naomi is an active listener and a problem solver. With her confident personality you'll find her making sure everything in the office is running smoothly. She loves exploring for new places to eat and travel with her friends while appreciating the nature around her.


Iris Rendering


With her warm personality and big heart for people Iris makes everyone feel welcome. Whether it is a staff member with a question or a client with a request, she will always try her best to be of help. Have a question? Feel free to reach out


Mathew Wiliams


You will find Mathew in our studio in Sydney talking to our clients, new and existing. If he is not at the office, you will probably find him walking on a beach or creating a culinary delight.