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How to Navigate the 7 Star NatHERS Upgrade in 2023.

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The 7 Star NatHERS change will have a significant impact on builders, designers and homeowners. If you’re navigating update in 2023 or you are about to work with an ESD NatHERS Consultant on your own project, here’s a guide that can help you.


A few topics that are included:

Understanding the New Changes: 7 Star Requirements

  • Maximum heating and cooling loads
  • NatHERS Whole of Home


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How Will this Affect your Building Designs?

  • Extra building costs
  • Increase the insulation
  • High performance windows
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Tips for Consulting with NatHERS Professionals

  • Consider orientation
  • Be mindful of colours
  • Installing shading devices
  • Looking at lighting
  • Ceiling fans
  • Windows
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