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Certified Energy has emerged as a leading and specialist ESD consultancy.

Working with local councils in each Australian State and Territory we've listened to feedback, helped streamline and simplify sustainability reporting outcomes and we are perfectly positioned to handle any sustainability request from your local council.



Residential Services

Humans love to live with comfort. We can ensure that the temperature is just right in every season whilst reducing your energy and water expenditure.

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Commercial Services

The building sector in Australia accounts for approximately 19% of total energy consumption, and 23% of overall GHG emissions. Part J of the National Construction Code (NCC) has recently been revised affecting all commercial projects. We can help you navigate through these changes

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Lets Talk About Your Project

Start a conversation with us, what types of sustainability outcomes and reporting requirements does your project need? Are you looking for cost effective outcomes or are you wanting to push the 'green' side of your project for long term benefits?

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Meet The Team

A building may be built with bricks and mortar but it is its craftsmen, those that assemble and design it that leave the most enduring and lasting impact. Our ESD professionals know that the art of innovating through sustainability often leads to economical and vibrant structures. Come and meet our team.  

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"The glazing outcomes of my project were always going to be challenging, but the result was a great relief and cost saving for my client. For the regulation challenges we had to overcome, Mya has been very responsive and helpful. She obviously cares about her craft and it shows. I highly recommend this team."

Kent Campbell
Residential Design Factory


Past Projects

Green, red, and once even bright pink, we have worked on projects from all walks of life in every State and Territory around Australia. Certified Energy has a portfolio of over 7000 past projects, each bit of energy saved and positive environmental outcome at a time.


Flat Black Windows Projects
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5 Quick Tips for Sustainable Home Design

1. Pick the right Size

Energy efficiency is much easier to achieve in a smaller home, which will mean lower energy...

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BASIX: New Project Vs Alterations & Additions

Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) is a planning tool to assist the NSW State Government ensure that all new...

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The Basics of Passive Cooling

Passive cooling is the cheapest method of cooling a home, and as an added bonus is incredibly environmentally friendly....

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