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How an ESD Consultant Can Affect Your NABERS or Green Star Rating in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne


The importance of energy efficiency in modern buildings should never be understated. Rising populations and pressing environmental concerns demand a conscientious and informed approach to new infrastructure projects. For this reason, the government of Australia has put clear regulations in place to ensure certain levels of sustainability in the design, construction, and operation of all new buildings.

These requirements are detailed in the National Construction Code, which contains distinct stipulations for different buildings. Commercial buildings, developments, homes, and tenancies are required to obtain a NABERS rating, while nearly all buildings and community projects must achieve a Green Star rating as well. Understanding and satisfying the criteria that must be met to obtain these ratings are an essential part of building compliant structures in modern Australia.


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Understanding a Green Star or NABERS Rating for Builders in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne

NABERS is used across Australia and stands for National Australian Built Energy Rating System. It is a required step to earn a BEEC (or Building Energy Efficiency Certification) for your project and is based on several criteria to help make this certification specific and clear. Your NABERS rating considers your building’s general energy efficiency, in addition to specific details such as its water usage and waste management abilities. It also considers the building’s IEQ, or Indoor Environment Quality, and the building’s impact on the environment that surrounds it.

The Green Star rating for your building will be conducted by an independent party and will be based on the sustainability of your building from three different angles. In addition to considering its design, a Green Star assessment will look at the construction of your building and its everyday operation. The number of individual considerations that make up a Green Star rating is numerous and complex. To prepare for a successful NABERS or Green Star rating in Perth, Sydney or Melbourne,  it may be advisable to hire an ESD consultant.


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Make Certified Energy Your ESD Practice and Earn Higher Ratings for Your Projects

ESD stands for Ecologically Sustainable Development. An ESD consultant in Perth, Sydney or Melbourne can help you earn a high Green Star or NABERS rating by undertaking thermal performance assessments and developing comprehensive plans to improve energy efficiency in your projects. Certified Energy is one of Australia’s largest ESD consulting firms, and we help developers optimise their buildings for ideal compliance with the NCC. As members of both ABSA and BDAV, we are fully accredited to perform thermal performance assessments for residential properties. Our assistance will enable you to meet desirable energy targets so that you can raise your Green Star and NABERS ratings.

Strong Green Star and NABERS ratings provide long-term cost savings and earn enviable reputations for their developers. Take advantage of the quick and high-value service offered by Certified Energy, and hire one of our ESD consultants to complete an assessment of your building as soon as possible. Reach out to us at any time during regular business hours and speak to a member of our team who can provide additional details about our services.

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