Aiming for the 6 Star Energy Rating Assessment in Brisbane: The Importance of an Experienced NatHERS Assessor

As concern for the effects of climate change has grown over recent years, so too have efforts to find long-term solutions to fight back against global warming. Perhaps one of the most important changes has been the shift to a focus on energy efficiency, reduced carbon footprints, and structural design that lends itself to lower power consumption. Today, not only do all new homes and most other types of new construction require an energy rating, but they must achieve a minimum level of efficiency for approval. The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme, or NatHERS, is one of the standards you will contend with as an architect or builder.

After completing the design for a new structure, it is crucial to take steps quickly to ensure the design meets the necessary standards. Earning a 6 star energy rating report in Brisbane is the minimum criteria one must achieve; however, you may wish to design for a report with a rating of 7, 8, or even up to the full 10 star NatHERS rating. An assessment of this type considers only the room by room design of the structure you hope to build. From finding ways to avoid the need for double glazing to creating an attractive development from a "green" standpoint, there are many potential benefits. To access them, you will need to partner with a professional and well-equipped NatHERS assessor in Brisbane.

Achieving a highly accurate NatHERS assessment in Brisbane

Certified Energy, leaders in energy efficiency evaluations with offices in both Brisbane and Melbourne, stands ready to assist in rating your design efforts. Given the critical importance of your NatHERS assessment in Brisbane — you must achieve the minimum 6 star energy rating — you should rely on robust and modern methodologies. This is precisely how we operate. Consider how your assessor uses the latest technologies to provide a comprehensive and accurate NatHERS rating assessment.

Through the application of advanced software, each room in a structure undergoes extensive thermal modelling. This model considers factors such as room size, positioning in relation to the sun, features such as windows, and more. We then compare this data to a comfort index to determine what energy load the rooms require to maintain a pleasant temperature year-round. The result is a dynamic model of your structure and a deep look at its energy efficiency.

Partner with the Certified Team energy today

With offices in Sydney and Melbourne, connecting with the sustainability engineers at Certified Energy is simple and convenient. Whether your firm requires an assessor to investigate a single-family home or a multi-family building project, we will act quickly and uncover innovative solutions to help deliver the required 6 star rating report. Certified Energy understands the state of the industry and the deadline pressure you often face; as a result, we guarantee a same-day response to your enquiry for a quote. To begin examining your design and work towards a stellar energy rating report, click here to contact our professional team.

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