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What is a Section J report

Also known as a Part J report, a section J report highlights the energy efficiency requirements for a Class 3, 5, 7, 8 and 9 building (commercial), this is defined by Section J (or Part J) of Volume One of the National Construction Code (NCC), formally known as the Building Code of Australia (BCA).Section J Method of Compliance (Deemed to Satisfy) is used when the Evidence of Suitability method using the Deemed to Satisfy (DtS) Provisions of Part J of the Energy Efficiency section of the NCC Volume 1 have been chosen as the most appropriate method to assess the compliance of the proposed development.


Section J Report Consultation


How much does

a section J report cost?

The cost of the overall assessment of a building is dependant on its size and complexity and therefore requires a specific quote to be made. For further enquiries or a obligation free quote please call us or use the link below.

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Are you looking for a Section J report for your next project? 

At Certified Energy we take pride helping our clients and their projects in reaching their full potential, ensuring maximum savings and minimum energy use, allowing for cost effective yet sustainable solutions. For more information about a Section J certificate, read the description below, or call us at 1300 443 674.


What Can Certified

Energy Do to Help?

In your Section J report, we will identify how the new building works in order to comply with the said Deemed to Satisfy provisions. Our aim is to give you the benefit of our years of extensive experience by delivering to you the best energy solution in a cost effective way.