Our Professional Promise


2 Hour Quote Delivery

We know your time is valuable and aim to provide detailed quotation for your requirements within 2 working hours of receiving your inquiry.

  • To get the process moving as quickly as possible, our team will get back to you ASAP, often well within 2 hours
  • We respond with detailed and comprehensive quotes so you can make the best business decision from the very start


Local ESD Experts

Our highly experienced team comprises of specialists in the architecture and sustainability and environmental engineering fields who truly get your needs. 

  • We have extensive experience consulting to small, mid and large tier organsations
  • We are attuned to the needs of our clients who span multiple industries
  • We abide by stringest Australian and ISO Standards
  • Our staff work from local Australian offices

Our Professional Promise


On Time or it's Free

After the initial quotation and subsequent consultation, our team of professional Building Consultants and Engineers will let you know of their timeframe. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and if we can't meet the timeframe, our work is free. 

  • In consultation with you, an agreed timeframe is set that we stick to closely. We will also give you regular updates so that you can remain confident of our progress at every step


Checked Twice

To ensure we get it right first time, all of our work is peer-reviewed by at least one fellow qualified engineer before being delivered to you. 

  • We always peer-review our work as we are only as good as our most recent job.
  • Our peer-review system is a fundamental aspect of our business and is always conducted within the agreed timeframes, so you are never left waiting on high quality work from Certified Energy.