Prepare for Your Assessor: Learn More About the NatHERS Assessment to Achieve Your 6 Star Energy Rating Report in Perth

Residential buildings are subject to rigorous efficiency standards, just like commercial and industrial facilities. The issue of energy efficient housing is becoming more important in countries all over the world, which is why Australia has taken steps to become an international leader in this area. Australia’s National Construction Code sets out specific ratings and certifications that must be achieved by all new residential buildings. If you are in the business of building residential developments, you must understand these requirements and implement strategies that will help you meet them effectively.

Do You Require a 6 Star Energy Rating Report in Perth?

Many residential facilities across Australia must be subject to a 6 Star Energy Rating Report. From Perth to Sydney, any new Class 1a dwelling is required to achieve one of these reports before it can be deemed to comply with the NCC. Every 6 Star Energy Rating uses the NatHERS system, which ascribes a star rating from 1 to 10 to the building in question. The less energy it takes for a building to remain cool in summer or warm in winter, the more stars it will earn on its NatHERS assessment.

A NatHERS Assessor is likely to be particularly thorough and detailed in their work, which means that it is vital to prepare accordingly. To ensure that your project can achieve a successful NatHERS assessment in Perth, you may wish to consider hiring an ESD consultation practice. ESD stands for Ecologically Sustainable Development, and an experienced advisor from this field can be an invaluable part of preparing for your NatHERS Assessment. Perth developers who want to ensure that their structures will be compliant with the NCC should look for an ESD consultant from a trusted company, who can provide them with creative strategies for improving energy efficiency in their buildings.

How Certified Energy Can Prepare You for an Assessment:

One such company is Certified Energy, one of the largest ESD practices in Australia. We assist builders in meeting specific energy targets so that they can pass their NatHERS assessments and achieve desirable 6 Star Energy Ratings. Many of our strategies also prove to be highly cost-effective by circumventing the need for applicable solutions such as double-glazing, which can be expensive. Our services can allow you to find the most affordable ways to effectively increase energy efficiency on your project so that you can receive the certifications you need.

Developers do not have to choose between sustainable and affordable projects. When you hire the services of an ESD practice like Certified Energy, you provide yourself with the best of both worlds. To learn more about our business, contact us today and ask to speak with someone who can tell you more about the solutions we provide or help you book a preliminary consultation. Our help can ensure that your new residential developments are both fiscally and environmentally friendly, making it easy to obtain your 6 Star Energy Rating Report.

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