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About Certified Energy

Certified Energy is a passionate group of experienced ESD consultants, architects and engineers who are motivated
to create a sustainable future 
across Australia through better planning, design and construction of residential 
and commercial building projects. 

We pride ourselves on delivering innovative sustainable solutions aimed at reducing material cost, increasing property
values and providing healthier environments for occupants. 

We work on projects across Australia and specialise in a range of certifications and compliance reports including Section J,
NatHERS , BASIX, 6 Star Energy Rating and Greenstar. 




Our approach

We offer a suite of consultancy services, going beyond certification and compliance guarantees. Upon receiving documentation,
we issue a fixed price fee proposal, outlining scope of work, timeframe and cost. After mutual acceptance, we commence
the draft report within the agreed timeframe.

If you need fast dependable and cost effective consultancy or Building certifications. 


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Our Team!

Meet the people that make it work.




Director and Accredited Assessor

Our leader and company Director Jamie Bonnefin holds both a Bachelor of Science in Architecture BSc(Arch) and Masters degree in Architecture M(Arch). 

For almost two decades, Jamie has been an advocate for more environmentally conscious communities. In his work as a designer, community leader and environmental consultant, he has worked to encourage communities to take responsibiliy for environmental delivery. 

Jamie leads one of the fastest growing ESD companies in Australia whose desire is to make a difference with others by Leading Local Sustainability thought and practice. 

Ilvy Bonnefin


Managing Director

Appointed Director in 2014, Ilvy brings a vast experience in High Performance Buildings having managed the supply and delivery of hundreds of projects across Australia.
Ilvy was a pioneer of Environmental Organisational Psychology and she is passionate about how people sustainably inhabit the spaces we create. Ilvy has been instrumental in working with industry to provide commercial sustainable B2B delivery across the design and construction sectors. Ilvy works closely with our core client base to achieve excellent outcomes for each key stakeholder.



ESD Consultant and Team Leader

As one of our lead ESD consultants and team leaders, Patricia is a key driving force in the operation of the company. With a Masters of Sustainable Development from Macquarie University Patricia has a keen knowledge and passion for ESD and an intense interest in the possibilities of recyclable materials and the greater impact of sustainable design on the climate, hoping through ESD to create spaces that promote wellbeing of the occupants. Patricia is an energetic and positive leader who ensures that colleagues and clients alike are treated with respect and consideration.



ESD Consultant and Team Leader

With particular interest in building energy analysis and thermal comfort, Shruti, one of our lead ESD consultants is highly proficient in Section J compliance and building energy analysis. Having completed her Masters of Architectural Science in Sustainable Design (USYD), Shruti has a discerning knowledge of the ESD field and with her help your project can achieve the best possible thermal efficiency at the lowest cost. Shruti is a crucial member of the Certified Energy team, her bright demeanour encourages everyone to fulfil their full potential achieving the most for every client.

Can Chu

Can Chu

ESD Consultant and Team Leader

Can Chu has a passion in environmental design and vast knowledge in ESD field. Can Chu is a valuable member of the Certified Energy team whose professional and cheerful character contributes greatly to the office environment.



Sustainability Consultant and Team Leader

Sarah is our go to for all things Sustainability. Holding a Masters of Business (Sustainability) and comprehensive experience working in both the public and private sector across Melbourne and Sydney, Sarah has indispensable knowledge assisting clients in creating innovative, sustainable solutions for their projects. With a particular interest in Active Design principles and the benefits of incorporating nature within projects, Sarah seeks to think outside the box and collaborate with clients to create healthy building spaces for people and the environment.

Sarah is an energetic, passionate and respectful professional who takes pride in her work and endeavours to be an influencer encouraging positive change within the building industry.



ESD Engineer

Marnie as one of our lead ESD consultants is a motivated and talented young designer with critical knowledge of the ESD industry. Recently completing her Bachelor of Design in Architecture (UoN), her formal knowledge of architecture as well as her interest in ESD allows her to complete every project with a critical engagement, hoping in her career to contribute to the greater energy efficiency goals of the building industry. Marnie contributes enormously to the smooth functioning of the office, taking pride and great care in everything she does.

Digital Marketing Assistant


Digital Marketing Coordinator

Nancy is an indispensible part of the team and drives marketing initiatives across social and digital. With a keen interest in eco-friendly solutions for the modern world, Nancy fits seamlessly within the energetic Certified Energy culture.


ESD Engineer & Client Liaison

Kharielle has a keen interest in environmental design and has career goals to facilitate in the overall reduction of the population’s carbon footprint. Through her knowledge of the ESD field and formal understanding of architecture, Kharielle is a valuable member of the Certified Energy team whose cheerful character contributes greatly to the office environment.



Assistant Accountant

Having recently completed her Masters of Professional Accounting. Lindsay as an assistant accountant, takes great pride in her work enjoying the day to day challenges that she is presented with, becoming a very valuable and appreciated team member.