Why do assessment fees vary so much?

Generally, BASIX and NatHERS fees differ depending on the complexity and scope of your project. BASIX certification can also incur additional fees payable to BASIX for obtaining certified BASIX reports. The amount of these extra fees also depends upon the number of dwellings involved in the development. For Section J Reports fees will differ depending on the complexity of your project. Projects with multiple building classes will greatly increase the work required. When completing section J2 glazing it is important to note as the number of glazed windows and doors directly affects the cost of the report. If you require a J JV3 Assessment because it is not possible to comply with Section J by the Deemed to Satisfy, DTS provisions, the cost will generally be about 2-3 times that of the initial Section J Report. The work already completed is not disregarded but used as a baseline in order to obtain compliance using the JV3 method of assessment.