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Prove Your Development Lives up to Its Sustainable Obligations with a BASIX Certificate in Sydney NSW

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Thanks to rapid advancements in the architectural and construction industries, we can build intricate structures on any plot of land. However, nowadays, thanks to the growing pressure to protect the environment, it's vital to consider sustainability when constructing a new development. In fact, all new dwellings, whether they're low- or high-rise, in NSW must be built to comply with environmental and sustainability standards. If you need to prove that your new development is in line with the requirements, you need to obtain a BASIX Certificate.

BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) is a government planning requirement that applies to Sydney and the rest of NSW. It's a web-based tool that allows you to enter data relating to your new project, from the size of the structure to the materials you intend to use for construction. It ensures that developers build homes that will keep owners comfortable and minimise their dependency on electricity, and it ensures that buildings meet the minimum requirements to prevent water wastage. Usually, qualified construction consultants complete the BASIX on your behalf, and we're one of Australia's market leading firms.

Certified Energy, one of the only environmentally sustainable design specialist companies in the nation, assist developers, architects and construction firms comply with the standards required by the government to earn a BASIX Certificate in NSW. In addition to certification, we can consult with you on your project to ensure your development is future-proof regarding sustainability. Additionally, although it may seem like you need to do more work to obtain a BASIX Certificate in Sydney, building environmentally sustainable homes can work wonders for your bottom line.

Why is BASIX Certification Beneficial for Developers?

Increasingly, property hunters are searching for homes that have been designed with the environment in mind, either because they want to do their part to help the global environment, or would like to keep their utility bills to a minimum. It's not easy for individuals to reduce their carbon footprint when they have no choice but to power their AC units to remain comfortable, which is why they look for homes with quality insulation and double glazing. Depending on your residential development project, both insulation and double glazing may be items you should commit to installing to obtain a BASIX Certification in Sydney, assuring buyers that you've taken measures to make your homes sustainable.

Unfortunately, even if you've been a major firm in the construction industry for years, it's not easy to understand the new requirements to obtain a BASIX Certification in NSW, and said requirements became stricter in July 2017. At Certified Energy, our consultants can ensure your development meets the standards needed to secure a certificate, meaning we can save you time, money, and resources.

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If you need a company that stays on top of industry developments and understands what's required for the BASIX Certificate, we can assist. We're a market leader in NSW, provide competitive pricing, and all our team leaders hold degrees in architecture or engineering and sustainability. Contact us today to find out more about the BASIX Certification requirements.


The BASIX Assessment for NSW & Sydney: The Assessor’s Role

Preparing for a Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) assessment in Sydney can be challenging. This certificate, which is required before lodging plans with the local Council, can be tricky to achieve in some cases. Unfortunately, it’s not just as simple as inputting some data and getting a certificate. If your submission is rejected, you must start from the beginning, which will incur more fees. The NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) also recently changed the BASIX targets to reflect an even more stringent reduction of greenhouse gases and water conservation. Certified Energy’s professional team of Architects and Engineers is familiar with the new regulation and will help your project reach its full potential. We have our focus on helping you maximise energy savings while keeping construction costs down and maximising energy savings for the future resident.

The Basics of BASIX Changes

BASIX assessment in NSW was reviewed in 2013-2014 to ensure maximum energy and water savings for NSW homeowners. As a result of this review, the DPA recommended increases in some targets. In July 2017, the NSW’s increased BASIX targets took effect, with some increases as high as thirty percent. Changes were also made to the stringency of the thermal comfort heating and cooling caps. What does this mean to you as a builder? It means that in certain areas, some new dwellings with high glass to floor ratios will require double glazing. To ensure full compliance with all regulations, and to maximise energy and cost savings, the Certified Energy team will craft a BASIX submission that is not only on time, but peer-reviewed for accuracy.

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We stand by every report and guarantee a high level of quality that abides by Australian and ISO standards. Whether you need a BASIX assessor in Sydney for an initial BASIX assessment for a townhouse, dual-occupancy residence, or another unit, Certified Energy can provide what you need. We also assist with certificates for an alteration or addition to an existing residence, as any such construction with a value over $50,000 must obtain a BASIX certificate as well.

Why Certified Energy?

We hold true to our name – we are committed to finding every opportunity for savings for both the builder and homeowner, all while meeting Australia’s carefully planned energy and water consumption benchmarks. This takes ingenuity and creative thinking. Operating out of Sydney as well as our new office in Melbourne, we are industry leaders in local sustainability assessments for both residential and commercial projects. Our company director, James Bonnefin, holds an advanced degree in Architecture and has worked for over fifteen years to increase the sustainability of design in the built environment industry. We work on projects throughout all states, but each qualified assessor has special experience as a BASIX assessor in NSW, which is an area known for the extra care required for proper completion of its BASIX submissions. Our trained and accredited professionals aim to help make the process smooth for you. We also just became a nationwide independent NABERS assessor.

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