The Benefits of Obtaining a BASIX Report in Sydney NSW

If you intend to build a new development or extend your home, you'll need to obtain a BASIX certificate before you can proceed with construction. BASIX, (Building Sustainability Index), was designed by the government to ensure that all new dwellings, both low- and high-rise, comply with standards concerning their environmental impact, water efficiency, and sustainability. You need to submit data relating to your development plans via an online portal to be assessed for compliance, and if you don't meet the criteria, you will be unable to secure a BASIX certificate until you can prove your proposed development complies.

If your plans are halted due to a lack of compliance with the required BASIX standards, you might need to consider how you can modify your blueprints to ensure the finished development will be environmentally friendly. It could be that you need to install double glazing and bolster the insulation in the ceiling to make your dwellings more energy efficient, or you may have to take extra measures to prevent water wastage. Although the government requires you to comply with BASIX, property hunters expect you to as well because they want a home that doesn't cost thousands to power every year, and research suggests that BASIX compliant properties cost $600 less to power annually than non-compliant homes.

At Certified Energy, we can help you obtain the certification you need to press ahead with your next development, ensuring you meet the requirements and that your homes will be as environmentally acceptable as required. Our team leaders all graduated with degrees in either architecture or engineering and sustainability, making them the perfect individuals to provide a BASIX report. Plus, we're one of our industry's market leaders in Sydney NSW, meaning you can count on us to provide advice you can trust. Keep reading below to learn more about how we can help you.


Obtain Your BASIX Report in NSW

We can usually secure BASIX certifications in less than two days, but we do much more than that to ensure your development complies with the requirements. Our consultants provide detailed BASIX reports to show you what improvements or changes you need to make to your construction plans to earn the required certification to start building, and we might be able to save you some cash in the process.

BASIX is all about trying to make new dwellings efficient and sustainable in a world where the threat of climate change is continuously looming, but you still need to keep an eye on your budget when drafting the blueprints to ensure your development will be profitable. With a BASIX report in Sydney, you can see how to make your dwellings compliant in the most cost-effective way, which means our services could pay for themselves.

Get Your BASIX Report to Secure Peace of Mind

You can't lawfully press ahead with a construction project until you've obtained a BASIX certificate, and our reports will ensure your plans comply with the requirements without you having to spend all your capital. Contact the professional consultants at Certified Energy today to learn more about our thorough BASIX reports.

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