How do I benefit from NABERS?

NABERS Economic Benefits – a profitable future

Buildings with high NABERS deliver significant financial benefits resulting from operating costs reduction and value added.

  • Proven savings from the NABERS database

Getting an official NABERS rating certificate can help to identify cost saving opportunities over time. Office buildings using NABERS to regularly measure their performance have reported an average improvement in energy efficiency by 8.5% and water efficiency on average by 11%, saving 383,300 tones of greenhouse gas emissions and 1.6 billion liters of water every year.

  • Higher building valuations with NABERS

Higher NABERS rated buildings also enjoyed reduced vacancy, reduced outgoings, reduced incentives and reduced yields.

A 5 star NABERS energy rating delivers a 9% green premium in value and the 3-4.5 star NABERS Energy ratings deliver a 2-3% green premium in value. Major discounts in rents were evident in the lower NABERS Energy ratings for the Sydney CBD (9% discount in rents) and Canberra (6% discount in rents). In the 5 star NABERS Energy rating, the Sydney CBD office market showed the largest green premium in rents (3%), as well as the largest discount in rents (9%) in the lowest NABERS Energy rating.

NABERS Performance Benefits – a sustainability performance

Since NABERS measures the actual environmental performance of a building in its actual operation, it is the best tool for benchmarking, monitoring and improving the performance of a building, and the only environmental rating tool that provides a reliable benchmark of a building compared to other Australian buildings. NABERS helps you to meet expectation for greener buildings and workplaces by encouraging owners and tenants to minimize their environmental impacts. A NABERS rating allows business to optimize their triple bottom line – financial, social and environmental outcomes so to achieve a sustainable development from a long-term view.

NABERS Marketing Benefits – a strong market recognition

A high NABERS rating is a widely recognized mark of excellent environmental achievement. In a tight property market, NABERS can provide a means of distinguishing your building from the rest. NABERS gives companies the confidence to promote their green initiatives and report building performance with reputable government certification. A NABERS rating above the median shows the commitment to environmental performance, creating the opportunity to improve rental returns as tenants and guests, particularly government agencies are increasingly seeking evidence of environmental responsibility when they choose where to stay.

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