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An Energy Efficiency Assessment Rating Report Sample

This is the standard report template but note that requirements vary between each states.

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Learn Everything about improving an EER Report. Your Energy Efficiency Rating is More Important Than Ever.


How much power does your building consume on an annual basis?

Understanding the energy efficiency rating of your property is important for several reasons.

First, consider that you or your tenants may currently overpay for electricity due to an inefficient system setup. Improving your rating could, therefore, yield a reduction in annual costs, which could, in turn, drive up your bottom line.


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How efficiently does it handle the challenges of heating and cooling, lighting, and other basic demands?

Second, if you’re planning to create a new structure or add on to an existing property, you will more than likely face requirements for demonstrating that the property has completed an energy efficiency assessment.


What if you plan on selling the property?

Whether it is still under construction or already complete, demonstrating its energy efficiency is often a serious draw for interested buyers.

Many more people take the threats of climate change seriously and understand that everyone has a part to play in reducing harmful effects on the environment. Careful stewardship of energy usage is a core part of that responsibility.

Therefore, demonstrating to prospective buyers that your property meets or exceeds the standards in place is an important strategy to consider.

At Certified Energy, we have a team of professionals ready to liaise with your business to provide a comprehensive efficiency assessment.


Choosing the necessary skills for a thorough EER Report


Energy efficiency rating report instantly


Partnering with Certified Energy means accessing services beyond basic reports and assessments. Acquiring the necessary certificates required by law or your operation’s circumstances is important, but so too is finding a pathway for improved efficiency.

Why settle for the minimum when you could do more and potentially save money?

We work closely with our clients, acting as a team member with an investment in a positive outcome.

This is the reasoning that underpins much of what we do, from responding rapidly to quote requests to laying out an assessment proposal based on a fixed fee.

Some states, such as NSW, place additional efficiency assessment requirements upon builders and owners. Obtaining your BASIX certificate is straightforward with a thorough approach to the issue.

However, you may also wish to seek an EER for a NABERS classification, a Green Star badge, or certifications in similar programs. Our extensively qualified team works across all these areas.


Determine the sustainability of your project today

Whether seeking an energy efficiency report required by law, such as the NatHERS rating, or you wish to seek a voluntary assessment for the Green Star program prior to a sale, the technical challenges involved are immense.

Choosing an assessor that understands these challenges will allow you to access accurate results and find long-term solutions that work.

Let’s work together today to create a healthier, more sustainable future for Australia.

Partner today with your local professionals in sustainability practices and obtain the EER you need in a timely manner. 

Use the best in ESD to get results FAST.


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BASIX (The Building Sustainability Index) was introduced as part of the NSW Government’s 2004 initiative to ‘encourage sustainable residential development’ and is in effect part of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act.

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Your personal ESD technician provides the best advice specific to your project. Committed to finding solutions that are the right fit for your needs so you can focus your energy on the other important stuff in your project.


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Helping you make smart ESD decisions for your project - saving you time and money on the following types of projects:

  • Alterations and Additions
  • New Home + Granny Flat
  • Dual Occupancy
  • Townhouse 
  • Unit Development
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Highest NatHERS Star Ratings

Our motto is "Reach for the Stars". We strive to achieve the highest cost effective NatHERS Star Rating possible for your project to keep your occupants cool in summer and warm in winter. Here are some tips and tricks that save our clients money on their energy compliance:
  • Use roof ventilation (extra 1/2 star)
  • Use light coloured roofs (extra 1/4 star)
  • Use specific window manufacturers (extra 1/2 star)
  • Use dynamic glazing (extra 1/2 star)
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Past Projects

Green, red, and once even bright pink, we have worked on projects from all walks of life in every State and Territory around Australia. Certified Energy has a portfolio of over 5000 BASIX projects, with each a bit of energy saved and a positive environmental outcome for us all.




basix bible



Everything you need to know about obtaining a BASIX Certificate for your project is now compiled in our BASIX Bible resource.


Volume I:
  • What is BASIX Exactly?
  • What you need to know
  • Requirements
  • The 9 Laws of Comfort
  • How to Submit BASIX
Volume II:
  • Tips on passing
  • Who should complete BASIX
  • Project Types in depth
  • Time; How long does it take?
  • Cost; How much does it cost?
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BASIX Certificate FAQ's

  • How do you assess Your BASIX?

    To assess the BASIX certificate, you can use the online Assessment Tool which will determine the sustainability of your development application. The assessment tool analyses data of the proposed dwelling’s design against the NSW Government’s water and energy targets. A BASIX certificate is issued upon meeting the BASIX target requirements and paying a fee.

  • How much does a BASIX Assessment cost?

    To see our pricing guideline, click here 

  • Do I need a BASIX Certificate?

    The development application stage of every new residential dwelling built in NSW of $50,000 or more require a BASIX certificate. Residential dwellings include:

    • Single dwellings
    • Dual-occupancy dwellings
    • Townhouses
    • Villas
    • Low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise multi unit developments
    • Boarding houses
    • Guest houses
    • Hostels
    • Lodging houses
    • Backpacker accommodation
    • Multi-unit developments
    • Swimming pools and/or outdoor spa with water capacity greater than or equal to 40,000 litres or 40 kilolitres.

    Additionally, alterations and add-ons to existing dwellings which cost greater than $50,000 also require a BASIX certificate.


  • What are BASIX Requirements?

    BASIX Benchmarks:
    To determine water and energy targets, the average benchmark for per person consumption of potable water and greenhouse gas emissions within the NSW residential sector is calculated.

    • Water – the NSW benchmark per person is 90,340 litres per year.
    • Energy – the NSW benchmark per person is 3,292 kg of CO2-e per year.Light Water

    BASIX Targets:

    The performance targets set by the NSW Government include:

    • up to a 40% reduction in potable water consumption
    • up to a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and
    • minimum performance levels of thermal comfort.

    The BASIX certificate benchmarks of water and energy are both measured on a per capita basis, including:

    • Water – the average NSW consumption of potable water from the residential sector.
    • Energy – the annual average NSW greenhouse emissions from the residential sector.


  • What is a BASIX Certificate?

    BASIX (The Building Sustainability Index) was introduced as part of the NSW Government’s 2004 initiative to ‘encourage sustainable residential development’ and is in effect part of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act. The BASIX certificate aims to accommodate NSW with more resilient dwellings together with reducing greenhouse gases and water consumption.

    BASIX was established to meet targets of up to 40% reductions in water consumption as well as greenhouse gas reductions by up to 25%. As a result, this delivers financial savings for the home owner.

    BASIX Assessment

    A BASIX certificate assessment is required for the development application process in NSW and considers various criteria, such as:

    • location of the building
    • orientation size of the building
    • construction type of the building
    • window size and type of the building
    • landscaping of the building
    • appliances used within the building.

    Additionally, it also considers thermal comfort levels which lessens the amount of energy used by dwellings in order to heat or cool the house to a comfortable level.

    As well as contributing to a sustainable future of urban planning, you as the homeowner will also financially benefit through reduced water and energy bills. Your BASIX certificate will confirm that your proposed project will abide by the NSW Government’s sustainability targets since obtaining a BASIX certificate means your residential building will have passed the government’s environmental targets.



    For more information on BASIX click here

  • What are BASIX limitations?

    There are various circumstances where BASIX fails to meet the thermal modelling capabilities of NatHERS. BASIX specifies each component of a house individually, whereas NatHERS does not. This makes using BASIX alone difficult as the ‘rapid method’ of assessment jumps to solutions such as expensive windows or shading devices, impacting costs and aesthetics. For example, BASIX may specify higher performance glazing such as double glazing, however, NatHERS has the ability to compensate elsewhere, for example increasing the insulation to avoid the expense of high performing windows. This makes the use of both BASIX and NatHERS much more cost effective in terms of construction as well as continual energy expenses.


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