How to Achieve a Desirable NABERS Rating, Green Star Rating or BEEC in Melbourne

Australia has exacting rules and regulations that apply equally to commercial buildings, homes, developments and even tenancies. Energy efficiency is a growing concern throughout the world, and Australia’s commitment to sustainable development involves setting strict parameters on the acceptable energy efficiency of new buildings. If you are a developer, you have an absolute legal responsibility to ensure that your projects are in accordance with these rules. There are several standards that you must demonstrate you have met, including BEEC, NABERS and Green Star certification.

Understanding BEEC, NABERS, or Green Star Ratings

BEEC stands for Building Energy Efficiency Certification. If your building or any part of it is on offer for lease, sublease, or sale, it must have a BEEC. The purpose of this certification is to identify the energy efficiency rating of the space in question. To achieve a BEEC, your building will need a NABERS Rating. NABERS (National Australian Built Energy Rating System) is a rating based on numerous factors including your building’s water usage, waste management capabilities, indoor environment quality (or IEQ) and general energy efficiency. Achieving a satisfactory NABERS rating is essential if you want to obtain a BEEC.

Your building will also require a Green Star rating and subsequent certification. The Green Star rating assesses the sustainability of designs, construction, and operation of various buildings and community projects. It is carried out by an independent third party that provides a documentation-based assessment of these areas. To ensure that your Melbourne building can obtain a BEEC with an acceptable NABERS rating or pass a Green Star assessment, it may be advisable to look for an ESD consultant who can provide you with creative and effective solutions for improving your energy efficiency.

How Certified Energy Can Assist You with Your Building Project

Certified Energy is a company that assists builders throughout Australia satisfy the requirements outlined in the National Construction Code. We work to help many builders achieve a successful NABERS or Green Star rating in Melbourne so that they can continue to earn a BEEC. As one of the largest companies of our kind in all of Australia, we are trusted by a wide variety of clients and maintain up-to-the-moment knowledge of all pertaining regulations. Enlisting our help to achieve a desirable Green Star or NABERS rating in Melbourne can be one of the strongest ways to ensure your project is fully compliant with the NCC.

Our efficient and accurate energy assessments allow you to pinpoint areas where your building’s energy efficiency can be improved, and help you achieve acceptable ratings from NABERS and Green Star. For more information on these programs or to speak with a professional who can help you schedule a consultation, call us at any time during regular business hours and learn more about preparing your building for a successful evaluation. We’ll be happy to tell you more about how you can achieve the ratings you need.

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