The Advantages of Working with an ESD Consultant in Brisbane To Lock in a Targeted NABERS or Green Star Rating

Ecologically sustainable development, or ESD, has only grown in importance in recent years. As more businesses desire to play a part in combating climate change, a new type of competition has emerged as well. Demonstrating the sustainability and eco-friendliness of new developments is of paramount importance. Whether you plan to oversee the construction of a new housing community or a large commercial space, working alongside an ESD consultant in Brisbane will allow your plans to come together smoothly. Whether you plan to seek a Green Star rating for a new Brisbane development or you hope to achieve a high NABERS rating, you may come up against hard deadlines. Meeting these is also important; at Certified Energy, we've built a business around delivering these very important assessments.

What is NABERS? It is a well-developed system intended to take a holistic view of developments and commercial buildings regarding their overall energy efficiency, waste management practices, and water consumption. In other words, it is a "big picture" view of how your building impacts the environment in which it exists. Demonstrating a high-level NABERS rating to prospective tenants can help to attract business and improve reputations. Not every building starts out with a high rating, though, and you may desire to find ways to improve your property's efficiency. Partnering with an ESD consultant such as those on our team provides pathways to these improvements.

Achieving results with an ESD consultant in Brisbane

How does an independent professional arrive at a NABERS rating for your Brisbane office building? There is a wealth of data to consider, including current and past utility bills, structural layout, and even an audit of the amount of waste your office generates. By compiling all this information and analysing it carefully according to national standards, your accredited ESD consultant can produce a complete report that accurately reflects the NABERS rating of the building.

You can also opt to voluntarily undertake the Green Star rating process, which evaluates the sustainability of a building throughout its entire life cycle. Available at any time, you can seek your Green Star rating during the design and building phases, or even apply for an assessment of an existing and operational building. When you want to show the world your sustainability and green practices, this rating process is worth serious consideration.

Let's work together towards a more sustainable future

Certified Energy is a leading provider of ESD assessments and reports, including NABERS and Green Star, but also including many other important services. There is an overwhelming amount of data to consider when looking for a wide-angle view on how your building performs regarding sustainability. That is why every consultant you speak with from our team is always university-educated, industry trained, and very experienced in their field. All our leaders obtained degrees in relevant areas such as architecture, sustainability practices, and engineering. Find out how your building scores today and how you might work to improve its NABERS rating. Click here to request a quote instantly.

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