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Our sustainability professionals have worked on thousands of residential projects across Australia. Services provided include BASIX, NatHERS, 6 Star Energy Rating, BESS, SDA & SMP, STORM and VURB . We create sustainable star ratings for residential projects that will fit your personal preference in an express, reliable and cost-effective way.

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The Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) is an assessment process that apply all the residential dwellings to meet the sustainable requirements for water and energy usage in NSW. Our professionals create one of the highest volume BASIX certificates. We have provided 200 certificates for approval since we founded.


At Certified Energy, we take pride helping our clients and their projects in reaching their full potential, ensuring maximum savings and minimum energy use, allowing for cost effective, sustainable solutions. In the past projects, we helped our clients contribute to save greenhouse gas emission by...

6 Star Energy Rating

To make our homes and property energy efficient for years to come, Certified Energy helps our clients and their dwellings provide lower energy expenses as well as a much healthier environment by the improving energy rating.


As the equivalence of BASIX in NSW, the Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard (BESS) is the increasingly used assessment tool in VIC. It can be used to create Sustainable Design Assessment (SDA) reports or Sustainability Management Plans (SMP) for development projects in Victoria. We offer BESS certificates to help our clients achieve the highest possible scores on their BESS assessment.

Previous Residential Projects

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Dual Occupancy

A dual occupancy dwelling in NSW has been approved for NatHERS + BASIX certification recently. This project has achieved the environmental target of NSW Governments via the reduction in portable water consumption and greenhouse gas emission, and minimising the performance level of thermal comfort.


Single Dwelling

This residential project in NSW gained the certificates of NatHERS + BASIX in 2019. To pass the requirements under these assessment systems, our sustainable consultants improved the ratings of energy, water as well as thermal comfort by providing professional advices.

Multi Dwelling

Certified Energy assisted a client from VIC to gain the BESS certificate that demonstrates their achievement in sustainability information requirements as a part of the SDA reports.