Terms and conditions 

  • 24 or 48 hour turnaround for BASIX and NatHERS applies from time when agreed quote is sent to client. 24/48 hour turnaround refers to business days only. For example, if a 48 hour NatHERS quote is agreed to on Friday, Certified Energy will have your job completed by the following Tuesday
  • 24 hour special for BASIX Certificate and 48 hour NatHERS applies to Single and Dual Occupancies only


  • It's on time or it's free*
    • After the initial quotation and subsequent consultation, our team of professional building consultants and engineers will, in consultation with you, work out an agreed timeframe. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and if we can't meet the timeframe, our work is free
    • We will also give you regular updates so that you can remain confident of our progress at every step