When is it required to have more than one BASIX certificate?

Three instances may occur when it may be required to have more than one BASIX certificate. These are: the subdivision into single 'Torrens title' lots, development that involves strata title and for large multi-building residential flats.

Subdivision into single ‘Torrens title’ lots

When proposals include the subdivision of land into separate single dwellings that do not share property or services, the following options are available:

  • Obtain a single BASIX certificate that covers all the dwellings within the proposal.
  • Obtain an individual BASIX certificate for each dwelling within the proposal.

If only one BASIX certificate is required, the BASIX Multi-dwelling tool can be used to generate the certificate.

This tool reduces the total number of pages within the certificate by categorising the water, energy and thermal commitments for each dwelling into tables. If revisions occur to the application after the certificate is issued however, complications mat arise for both the applicant and the certificate issuer. If this occurs, single or grouped BASIX certificates provide greater flexibility for revisions to occur for individual dwellings.


Development involving strata title

A single BASIX certificate that covers the entire project application is required for the following developments:

  • Residential buildings that are flat.
  • Multi-dwelling houses.
  • Villa units.
  • Dual occupancy buildings.
  • Multi-purpose used buildings on land that shares common property and shared services such as facilities.


Large multi-building residential flats

More than one BASIX certificate may be required for the following types of developments:

  • Multiple residential ‘towers’.
  • Blocks containing more than 100 units.
  • Blocks containing more than 200 units for the overall development.


Having multiple BASIX certificates for these types of developments enables a quicker energy and water efficiency assessment as well as allowing revisions to be made to the project.

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