What are the requirements of a JV3 Assessment?

A JV3 assessment requires an accurate 3D model of the proposed building with the correct location, orientation and climate information imputed into the software. Lighting, occupancy and external heat loads are also required to assess the overall operational usage of the building, which is then assessed for every hour throughout the year and compared against a reference building.

The JV3 Verification Method uses a thermal model of the building's design. There are three main facets involved in the JV3 process, these being the inputs, outputs and calculations:


  • The design documentation of the Development Application (DA) that is used to conduct the preliminary assessment.


  • The preliminary DtS assessment of Section J
  • The preliminary JV3 Report
  • Feedback with the client and the designers
  • The final JV3 Report


  • Reference building model
  • Proposed building model
  • Simulation of the thermal model
  • Revise the model after analysis results

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