What are the requirements for WELL?

There are three levels of WELL certification:

These 3 Levels include-

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • and Platinum level,

The level of achievement increasing respectively from silver to platinum with the most successfully "green" buildings receiving platinum certification on the well scale. To become a certified WELL building of any of the previously listed levels, there are a number of steps which must be taken. Firstly you must register with the WELL certification body, through which, you will receive an accredited assessor who will guide you through the process as well as perform onsite inspections and reviews of project documentation a crucial step in gauging the success of the building. After these rigorous assessments are completed and if WELL certification is achieved, several follow up inspections are required in order to ensure that the building is maintaining its performance targets in the future, well after initial certification, to ensure that the building maintains its well certification.

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