Wholesale B2B Energy Certification

Are you looking to expand your Energy Certification portfolio?

At Certified Energy we take pride in helping other assessors reach their full potential of service offering. We believe that no business should have to lose potential clients to competitors because they do not offer the service they are searching for. This is how Certified Energy can benefit you. We offer assessors access to our range of Energy Certifications at a wholesale price so they can expand their portfolio and achieve a greater reach of clients. For more information about our wholesale B2B Energy Certification please read the detailed description below, or call us at 1300 443 674, our dedicated staff will be happy to help in any way possible.

 What is Wholesale B2B Energy Certification?

Certified Energy are changing the way Energy Assessors expand their portfolios. We help Assessors save the time and money that is needed to become qualified by performing the service for you. As the Certified Energy team are already qualified in all areas of Energy Certification we offer assessors the opportunity to purchase our expertise at a wholesale price. You will get the client but we will provide the service.

Wholesale Energy Certifications we offer:

  • JV3
  • Section J
  • NatHERS
  • BESS
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Green Star
  • LEED
  • WELL rating

Why choose Certified Energy:

Save Time. Save Money. Increase Reach.


We take the time out of performing the reports and certifications by doing them for you.


Certifications that have previously been deemed too expensive for assessors to obtain qualification is no longer an issue. Our affordable service allows assessors to offer these certifications to their prospects for a low cost. They are then able to offer the service to their clients at a mark-up including their management fees.


Having more services to provide to your clients will increase your client base as you are able to satisfy more of their needs.


Our Professional Promise

Client protection:

We guarantee that your client base is not at risk. For any job that we accept, we are prohibited from marketing our services to the client of those jobs for the following 24 months. We want to operate B2B not B2C.

Professional team of 20+ employees:

Large group of industry experts working together to ensure your project is produced of the highest standard and professionalism.

Wholesale prices:

Affordable for any size business with no depreciation in quality. We are modest in our pricing so you can add your mark-up.

Our local promise QA: 

We strive to maintain high levels of quality as all reporting is conducted in house. We do not send our work offshore.


If you are interested please contact jamie@certified.energy