Green Star Rating for Homes

Green Star is an internationally recognised sustainability certification for commercial buildings. It is considered the largest voluntary and holistic certification standard in Australia. The certification is managed by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) who have announced an exciting update on Green Star for Homes standard. 

The standard will focus on volume builders and development, companies such as MIRVAC; Metricon; Stockland; Rawson Homes and more had signed up for the early demo trial in May 2020. This is part of the GBCA Future Homes Strategy which outlines plans to transform the housing market to focus on health, resilience and net zero energy. 

GBCA stated that Australian families were spending 90% of their time indoors - where two thirds of this time was spent at home. Which is the driving force behind the Green Star standard rolling out for individual homes and its peaked the interest of many large volume builders and developers. This is in conjunction with information that 57% of Australia's total built environment emissions come from homes and the complete story is revealed behind GBCA's move toward individual homes. 

The Green star standard continues to change and evolve as more feedback is received. The comprehensive pilot program had builders like Metricon test and provide reviews about the standard for the refinement of the standard before national rollout.

"The success of the pilot program demonstrated the appetite of Australian companies to take action to achieve a lower emissions future" said Ms Rooney, the CEO of GBCA. Green Star for Homes is expected to roll out nationally this year so expect to hear a lot news about in the upcoming months. 

Green Star For Homes

What does this mean for you?

Green Star for Homes will have a great potential to have a positive impact on Australia's built environment and represents an opportunity for the housing sector to dramatically reduce their emissions. 

This will become a much simpler way for the industry to communicate what the benefits of a better home represents and the star rating system of Green Star is the perfect delivery platform. 

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Johnathan Le

Written by Johnathan Le