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Self tinting windows - Bringing real windows back

By Maud Dassen on Jun 13, 2018 12:36:46 PM


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The concrete of the future

By Maud Dassen on May 23, 2018 10:23:10 AM


Wouldn't it be nice if your concrete structure never cracked?

Concrete is one of the most trusted and adaptable material inputs used in construction.  Despite being considered a very durable and strong material, it is highly prone to cracking and erosion. Such limitations see that concrete is in fact not as a resilient material as first assumed. Generally, concrete structures are designed to allow small cracks which are considered to not be too detrimental to the building. But when these crevices become bigger, we start to see problems.  Cracks in the structure create a path for potentially harmful substances to attack the concrete. As these substances reach the reinforcement it begins to corrode it, increasing the chances for structural failure.

So is there a way to increase the lifespan of concrete, preventing corrosion and making it more sustainable and resilient?


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