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Visual Impact Assessment



 Visual Impact Assessment

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A Visual Impact Assessment (VIA) is not just a report - it aims to improve design outcomes and avoid any negative impacts associated with a proposal by identifying and reporting on visual impacts and proposing solutions throughout the design process. 


Certified Energy are the leaders in sustainability services. Our accredited and highly skilled assessors will provide you with the best recommendations on your Visual Impact Assessment.


Visual Impact Assessments Explained


What is a Visual Impact Assessment?

A Visual Impact Assessment (VIA) is an analysis of potential visual impacts to the landscape or existing built fabric which may arise from a proposed development or land management action. The assessment aids in understanding the effects of a proposed development (whether positive or negative) on the surrounding context and as such may be included as part of an Environmental Impact Assessment or completed independently. A Visual Impact Assessment helps define the visual effects of a project on people’s everyday views by considering the built, natural and cultural character or sense of place.

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What is the Purpose of a Visual Impact Assessment?

The purpose of a Visual Impact Assessment (VIA) is to:

  1. Inform the development of the proposed concept to minimise visual impacts. As such it is recommended that a VIA is conducted early within the design process as to integrate any alterations within the various design and development stages.
  2. To inform other agencies (neighbours, local businesses, etc.) of the potential visual impacts of the proposal and how these impacts can be avoided, minimised or managed if the proposal were to be successful.



A Visual Impact Assessment involves a number of components including, but not limited to:

  • Understanding why a Visual Impact Assessment is required for your project
  • Analysing the existing context of the site/location
  • Considering the proposed development, its purpose and relationship to the broader context
  • Understanding the factors which may influence visual impact
  • Analysing and evaluating viewpoints and their anticipated perspectives in line with both the existing and proposed contexts
  • Providing strategies to minimise, manage and avoid potential visual impacts


To get your Visual Impact Assessment started, simply fill out the form below and provide us with some details about your project.



How long does it take?

The length of time required to conduct and complete a Visual Impact Assessment is dependent on the size and scale of your project. Get in touch now to receive your personalised fee free quote within 24 hours.

Our accredited assessors have strong industry knowledge and many years in the field. We follow all government guidelines and requirements in order to deliver the best in service. 


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Sample Visual Impact Assessment


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How much does it cost?

The cost of the assessment will be determined by a number of factors. It will be dependent on the size, scale, location and deadline of your project.
Please contact us for accurate pricing and information for your location and project. 
To get your Visual Impact Assessment started, simply fill out the form below and provide us with some details about your project.

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