Are you looking for a VURB assessment for your next project?

At Certified Energy we take pride helping our clients and their projects in reaching their full potential, ensuring maximum savings and minimum energy use, allowing for cost effective yet sustainable solutions. For more information about VURB please read the detailed description below, or call us at 1300 443 674, our dedicated staff will be happy to help in any way possible.

What is VURB?    

VURB (Verification using a Reference Building Method) is an alternative assessment method that gives you the flexibility to meet energy efficiency requirements through a combination of the NatHERS energy assessment and the Deemed To Satisfy assessment (DTS). VURB is currently a method that is available across all of Australia except NSW, but it is mostly used in WA, ACT, NT and SA. 

VURB is a minimum performance standard that does not use an energy star rating, like NatHERS, but a benchmark in the form of a reference building. That means the proposed building will have to reach either the same or lower in the Elemental Provisions of the reference building’s benchmark energy heating/cooling loads to be compliant with the National Construction Code (NCC).  

When is VURB required?

The VURB method is required or is most effective when assessing the energy efficiency compliance for the following; 

  • Large Houses
  • Houses with Elevated Floors
  • Houses with Upside Down Living
  • Houses with Unusual Design Features
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What are the requirements of a VURB?

VURB requires that a proposed building consumes less or the same annual energy consumption as the reference building to be deemed compliant. 

How is the VURB method assessed?

VURB uses the Elemental Provisions of the DTS method as a compliance benchmark along with the thermal modelling software of NatHERS to calculate the annual energy consumption of the Reference building, which would be the target for compliance. It is with this in mind that the proposed building is then modelled with your desired specifications in the thermal software.  

How much does VURB cost?

Due to this method’s process of calculating the three separate assessments and ratings, i.e. the DTS assessment and two different thermal software ratings, together the assessments take much longer to complete making the cost much higher than other methods currently available.

However, due to this method being much more flexible than other development assessments, itmakes it the more cost effective method in the long term. That results in reduced costs of sustainable building materials and the inclusion of your desired specifications.


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