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What is a JV3 Assessment?

JV3 is the alternative assessment method for non-residential buildings which uses a reference building to compare the overall assumed energy consumption of new buildings with respect to their location and climate. There are a number of reasons why a JV3 alternative assessment should be part of your new design. In our world there are no identical buildings when we assess energy consumption. A building with the exact same design, layout, and building materials, can have a different energy use than its twin that may be xx kilometres away. Due to factors like its location and specific weather conditions the annual energy consumption can be significantly different.

JV3 is generally more expensive than Deemed to Satisfy (DtS) Section J compliance as it takes much more time to assess. This process involves the comparison of a proposed design with a DtS reference building whilst also taking into account the specific location and weather data of the proposed building. The proposed building must not exceed the annual energy consumption of the DtS reference building, this allowing much more flexibility when design, with building elements being able to be chosen as long as the sum of the whole building does not exceed the maximum annual consumption. JV3 is much like a non-residential equivalent of NatHERS modelling allowing flexibility to choose glazing and building elements as long as it stays within the annual energy consumption of the DTS building

JV3 Building Classes

JV3 applies to all buildings of Class 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 and is not application to buildings of Class 2 and 4. The energy used by services in a Performance Solution are related to the energy used the services used in a DtS Solution.

JV3 Verification Method

The JV3 Verification Method allows a form of trade-off between some elements. This includes reduced energy efficiency of a building's services if a building's fabric or envelope uses an increased level of energy.


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