What is NatHERS?

NatHERS is the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme and uses a 10 star rating system to assess the thermal performance of dwellings across Australia. The National Construction Code (NCC) references these star ratings specifying a minimum number of star levels for all new houses built in Australia. BASIX supersedes the NCC in New South Wales where NatHERS approved software is used to determine the thermal comfort scores. NatHERS is the regulatory body which approves the various types of software used to assess dwellings under this scheme.

There are two main certification solutions that we use here at Certified Energy to achieve building compliance. These include the Deemed to Satisfy solutions as well as the Alternative Solutions.

Deemed to Satisfy Solutions:

  1. House Energy Rating Scheme (HERS)
  2. Elemental Provisions (EP)

Alternative Solutions:

  1. Verification Using A Reference Building (VURB)
  2. State Specific Energy Protocols

Our team at Certified Energy will guide you through the various approval pathways to help your project achieve the necessary compliance with the least amount of time and added thermal design and component costs.

If you are interested in learning more as well as completing a NatHERS assessment, please read our Certified Energy article section for helpful tips.

What Is an Energy Rating?

An Energy or Thermal Efficiency star rating is an accurate indicator as to how much heating or cooling is necessary to keep your development comfortable. The energy rating generated by an accredited NatHERS assessor using licensed software indicates a dwelling’s efficiency in preserving energy. Please note, it does not indicate the dwelling’s actual consumption of energy as that depends upon appliances installed and the way in which they are used. By improving your energy rating you will require less energy to keep your dwelling comfortable and therefore provide lower energy expenses as well as a much healthier environment.

What do the stars represent in the NatHERS rating?

The possible 0 to 10 stars is a scale that indicates the energy efficiency of a dwelling. If a dwelling is rated 0 stars, that means it offers no insulation from the outside temperature. For example, if it is 20 degrees outside it will be 30 degrees inside. A 10-star dwelling is able to maintain a comfortable inside temperature all year round despite the outside temperature is. Hence, the more stars a dwelling has the less energy it consumes, therefore reducing energy expenses.

What benefits does an energy rating give me?

When simulating the thermal performance of your dwellings, we will ensure that your energy rating delivers healthier living environments through accurate results. Having sustainable buildings also mean your energy expenses are reduced and your property value is increased.

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