When is a NatHERS certificate required?

NatHERS certification is required for all new developments with multiple dwellings, however NatHERS can also be used if desired on single dwellings. It was developed in order to reduce the countries overall energy consumption along with the BASIX process. BASIX is a NSW government initiative designed to improve the environmental sustainability of residential developments. It sets out the minimum standards for compliance in the following three areas: water, thermal and energy, and can be assessed at through various means such as DIY which does not require NatHERS thermal modelling. NatHERS is a national scheme that involves the thermal assessment of a development in order to generate a NatHERS energy rating, which can be used for the thermal section of the BASIX. NatHERS energy ratings are much more thorough, accurate and flexible than the BASIX thermal tool. In order to achieve the best thermal performance at the lowest cost we recommend using both BASIX and a NatHERS energy rating.

What are the requirements of a NatHERS certificate?

For an accredited assessor to assess a project through the NatHERS process, they require the full plans, sections and elevations for the building as well as the building materials and glazing types that are intending to be used so that the building can be simulated accurately.

Generally, appliances such as, air-conditioners, etc. do not need to be known by the assessor as they do not affect the star rating as NatHERS energy ratings are based on how well designed the dwelling will be. Appliances that are added to the building and are likely to be changed in the future are not taken into consideration.

What Benefits Does an Energy Rating Give Me?

Our careful consideration when simulating the thermal performance of your dwelling(s) will ensure that your energy rating delivers many benefits including:
– Accurate results
– Reduced energy expenses
– Reduced cost of complying with BASIX
– Increased property values
– Sustainable buildings
– Healthier living environments

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