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SMP and SDA Summary

A Sustainable Management Plan (SMP) and a Sustainable Design Assessment (SDA) are documents that summarise the sustainable design features of a new residential and non-residential development. These documents are required by some Councils in Victoria at the planning permit stage. It is recommended a SMP is completed by a qualified expert whilst an SDA can also be prepared by the project owner.




Documentation addressing 10 key sustainable design criteria including:


What is the difference?

The main difference is that a SMP is more detailed than a SDA and is used for large residential and non-residential developments comprising of ten or more residential dwellings, more than 1000m2 of non-residential Gross Floor Area (GFA) or developments over four storeys.

A SDA is instead used for small to medium sized developments comprising of 3-9 residential dwellings or 500m2to 1000m2of non-residential Gross Floor Area (GFA), or alterations 500m2to 1000m2


What are the requirements of a SMP?

SMP Requirements

What are the requirements of a SDA?

The level of information required for a SDA varies for project to project depending on the scale of the project. 

SDA requirements include:

  • Details on how the development has achieved minimum expectations for sustainable design performance – can use STEPS/SDS tool
  • A written sustainability statement
  • Details on proposed sustainability measures
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Environmental objectives and Council standards

The BESS (Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard) along with a STORM or MUSIC assessment and other recommended assessments can be used to undertake a SDA.


How much does a SMP and SDA cost?

The cost of the overall assessment of a development is dependent on its size and complexity and therefore requires a specific quote. For further enquiries or an obligation free quote please call us or use the link below.

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Councils that require a SMP or SDA:

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