How is WELL assessed and how much does it cost?

The WELL system is organised in seven concepts of “wellness”. These concepts are divided into performance-based standards or prescriptive standards that require specific technologies, design strategies or protocols (e.g. a smoking ban).

This rating system is based on medical research that demonstrates the link between the buildings in which we spend more than 90 percent of our time, and the wellness and overall health of occupants who use it on a daily basis.

Integrating WELL can be achieved at various levels:

  • Auditing each building: by auditing each building it will reveal alignments, gaps and opportunities for more cost-effective solutions for WELL certification
  • A gap analysis: analysis against the Environmental Management Plan
  • Integrating WELL initiatives: by integrating WELL goals into a project bid to maximize satisfaction of requirements in an early stage of a project
  • Embedding WELL in the company procurement strategy helps satisfy WELL requirements in tenders and contracts
  • Sustainability strategy and reporting

The cost for a WELL rating depends on the size and complexity of the project as well as the fees for certification. WELL is a very complex process requiring very in-depth investigations of a building’s operation and energy usage. Therefore, to discuss your options please feel free to call us.

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