Visual Impact Assessments (VIA) are an essential process used to evaluate the potential environmental impact of proposed projects on the surrounding community. These assessments help identify potential negative effects on the environment, wildlife, and people. 

Continuous technological advancements in the Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) mediums support the future potential development of VIAs.

Currently, VIAs utilise computer modelling software to produce detailed 3D models of the proposed project and a comprehensive view of its visual impact. 

Computer modelling also allows for the assessment of different scenarios, helping stakeholders make informed decisions about the project's design and location.


The integration of these emerging technologies has significantly improved the accuracy and efficiency of VIAs. These technologies have made it easier to identify potential environmental impacts, assess project feasibility, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations. 

Visual Impact Assessments have also improved stakeholder engagement by providing an immersive and interactive experience that allows stakeholders to visualise and assess the project's potential impact.


In conclusion, the advancement of technology has brought numerous benefits to VIAs. Emerging technologies such as VR, AR, computer modelling, and drones have significantly improved the accuracy and efficiency of these assessments. 

These technologies have made it easier to identify potential environmental impacts, assess project feasibility, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations. As technology continues to advance, it is expected that VIAs will become even more accurate and efficient, helping to protect the environment and communities for generations to come.

Did you know Certified Energy can provide Visual Impact Assessments? Our Visual Impact Assessments can be used for projects of all scales. We have comprehensive experience with visual impact assessment planning, view shed analysis, survey accurate photomontages, viewpoint analysis, development mitigation, photographic survey, water view & view montage, predictive view montage, council view report, landscape character assessment, viewer sensitivity and LVIA working within the current GLVIA.

Our team prides ourself on producing comprehensive Visual Impact Assessments which can help you:

  • Understand why a Visual Impact Assessment is required for your project
  • Analyse the existing context of the site/location
  • Consider the proposed development, its purpose and relationship to the broader context
  • Understand the factors which may influence visual impact
  • Analyse and evaluate viewpoints and their anticipated perspectives in line with both the existing and proposed contexts
  • Provide strategies to minimise, manage and avoid potential visual impacts

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Jamie Bonnefin

Written by Jamie Bonnefin

Jamie is the Director of Australia's leading ESD consultancy, Certified Energy. Jamie is a Green Star sustainability leader, NABERS assessor and accredited ABSA and BDAV Assessor. With over 15 years of experience in Sustainable Design in the built environment industry, Jamie is passionate about his work.