NSW BASIX Regulation Update for Architects:

This month BASIX regulations changed in NSW requiring lighting plans to be drawn at DA stage for Multi Dwelling - Dual Occupancy and Apartment Buildings. This breaks tradition with Architectural best practice and will add un-necessary time and cost to projects creating an even thicker layer of red tape.

The good news is that our clever team at Certified Energy now believes we can still rate and assess your project with downlights without lighting plans if you give us permission to write a specification and include it on your drawings. This will save you time and your project money.

A summary of the new Thermal Comfort Protocol requirements which came into effect on the 1st May are as follows:

Diagram of apartment architecture


All recessed downlights and ceiling penetrations are required to be noted on the drawings. Failure to calculate the required ceiling penetrations at the time of DA assessment will make the NatHERS/BASIX certification invalid and require an update if recessed downlights are to be installed at a later date.

Project Information
The new NatHERS portal where certificates are now generated will not allow the following fields to be updated without paying a new NatHERS fee. As a result this information will be required to be confirmed at project engagement and this data should be added to your drawings:

1. DP Number/ Lot Number
2. Client/Client address/ contact
3. Job name / address
4. Dwelling number

New Disbursements to CSIRO
On 1 May 2016, a new NatHERS certification processing fee payable to the CSIRO of $20 + GST is now applicable for every dwelling on a project. BASIX published a newsletter which was emailed to assessors on 9 May 2016.

You may access the new assessment rules at: BASIX THERMAL COMFORT PROTOCOL UPDATE

To read more on NatHERS, click here

Jamie Bonnefin

Written by Jamie Bonnefin

Jamie is the Director of Australia's leading ESD consultancy, Certified Energy. Jamie is a Green Star sustainability leader, NABERS assessor and accredited ABSA and BDAV Assessor. With over 15 years of experience in Sustainable Design in the built environment industry, Jamie is passionate about his work.