You might be in a hurry when you are looking for your NatHERS assessment. But be aware of choosing too fast and ending up with an Assessor that will take their time. We have written down 4 tips we think you should know before choosing your NatHERS Assessor.


  1. Check qualifications; always choose your Assessor based on their relevant building industry degree qualifications, anything from an engineering, architecture or building background should suffice.
  2. When you are on a deadline, choose for an ESD Assessor which has a minimum of 3-4 people working for them. 95% of the ESD Assessors have at least 3 consultants doing their energy assessments and will be able to respond fast.
  3. Every ESD consultant should be able to discuss certain aspects of a NatHERS assessment, ask if they collaborate together and can advise you about the best case practices when doing a NatHERS report.
  4. What about their past project experience? Can your Assessor give you a good referral?


4 Tips For Choosing Your Next NatHERS Assessor


At Certified Energy we take pride in the thoroughness of our assessments and our internal office QA procedures. We are a CBD based company with offices in Sydney and The Gold Coast and employ over 12 people. We often find that the quality of our work has a high standard, is precise and lives up to the latest requirements your NatHERS assessment needs.

We can deliver projects quick and resolve difficult or non standard situations with great expertise.

Our repeat clients understand changing dynamics of the ESD industry and value our commitment to producing great results that save their projects significant sums of money in lower glazing and less insulation, while achieving high performance star ratings for end users.

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Jamie Bonnefin

Written by Jamie Bonnefin

Jamie is the Director of Australia's leading ESD consultancy, Certified Energy. Jamie is a Green Star sustainability leader, NABERS assessor and accredited ABSA and BDAV Assessor. With over 15 years of experience in Sustainable Design in the built environment industry, Jamie is passionate about his work.