NABERS Rating and Green Star Rating in Sydney: More Than Just Thermal Comfort

Companies wishing to obtain an independent national accreditation of their building’s environmental sustainability have two resources: a Green Star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia, and a NABERS rating. Sydney companies can take advantage of the many benefits of achieving these ratings, which differ regarding what they consider. NABERS ratings evaluate the many dynamic factors of a building while in operation and determine the total energy efficiency. A Green Star rating reflects the sustainability of the fit out, from the basic structure through to details such as sound engineering. Both give an excellent pathway to improving sustainability as they highlight not only current efforts, but areas for improvement. Certified Energy is the region’s foremost independent assessment company, and we can help your building through the process of sustainability ratings thanks to our highly-qualified teams of professional Architects and Engineers.

Thermal Comfort and Other Factors to Consider

A Green Star rating for a Sydney building considers many factors of the building’s design and operational systems. One of these factors is thermal comfort, or how well the building’s interior rooms maintain a standard temperature, through either automatic or direct manual control. This measurement is considered as part of an overall assessment of indoor environmental quality. Other factors considered for this area are the quality of internal air, exposure to pollutants, lighting comfort, acoustic comfort, and visual comfort. A Green Star rating also assesses how resources such as water and energy are used, as well as how waste is handled, from emissions to wastewater. It presents a comprehensive assessment of how a building’s design and operational systems impact the environment. A NABERS rating in Sydney, by contrast, relies on active measurements of many different operational elements and is an important part of building management. Certified Energy’s team will work with your current teams to develop a system that contracts you the highest possible ratings.

Benefits of Using an Environmental Sustainability Rating System

Building owners are finding operational benefits from obtaining Green Star and NABERS ratings. Changes made to improve ratings achieve cost savings over time as energy and water consumption are reduced. These measures can also improve rental income, increase building value, and reduce vacancy rates. Building tenants appreciate the savings as well, as their utility costs will be lower in highly rated buildings. Tenants have also come to expect a high level of sustainability. Thus an environmental rating also lends market recognition and a competitive advantage to companies who obtain higher ratings.

Clean Energy seeks to partner with companies who are looking for NABERS or Green Star certification. We are a trusted name in this professional field, with clients across all states. We look forward to our teams working with companies and homeowners to make Australia more environmentally friendly. Our fast turnaround will ensure that you have the information you need as quickly as possible, and every paper is peer-reviewed for accuracy. Our goal is to help you achieve the Green Star or NABERS rating you desire.

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