What is a NatHERS energy rating?

NatHERS is the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme and uses a 10 star rating system to assess the thermal performance of dwellings across Australia. Continue Reading →

What does a NatHERS assessment include?

A NatHERS assessment includes NatHERS Accredited Software that is used to determine an energy efficiency rating.
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How are NatHERS star ratings assessed?

NatHERS is assessed through a process of thermal modelling where the proposed dwelling is modelled using NatHERS approved software. Continue Reading →

When is a NatHERS certificate required?

NatHERS certification is required for all new developments with multiple dwellings, however NatHERS can also be used if desired on single dwellings. Continue Reading →

Who can perform a NatHERS assessment?

Only assessors trained, certified and accredited one of the two nationally operating Assessor Accrediting Organisations (AAOs) can use NatHERS second generation... Continue Reading →

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