Suntuitive brings the future to life with smart, self-tinted window glazing. When installed to residential or commercial buildings this technology provides improved climate control and greatly enhanced energy efficiency for both single and double glazed window systems. Other benefits of this thermocromic dynamic glass technology are noise reduction and glare moderation resulting in more expansive views.

Initially Suntuitive windows were single glazed. Single glazed glass is one layer of glass or can be known as a single pane of glass.

A Single Glazed Window will provide a maximum Solar Heat Gain Coefficient or natural sun energy. This also means that the heat that is absorbed from the sunlight will more readily enter a room or building.

The improvement of single glazing is double glazing. Double glazing works by trapping air between two panes of glass. This trapped air creates an insulating barrier that provides three functions. Firstly, it prevents heat loss or gain through the window because the barrier insulates the room from differing air temperatures at either side of the glazing unit. Secondly, double glazing helps keep noise transmittance down. Thirdly, double glazing helps reduce condensation. With a double glazed window, the insulating barrier prevents the transmission of air temperature and therefore prevents condensation occurring.

   How Suntuitive is Improving Glazing Technology

Figure 1. How a Double Glazed window functions

Although double glazing insulates against differing air temperatures, it does not insulate against radiant heat. This makes a double-glazed unit a better choice for permitting the winter sun to warm the inside of the house.

Double glazed windows are highly efficient, reducing heat loss or gain by up to 30% when compared to single-glazed windows.

An improvement that can be made to the thermal performance of insulating glazing units is to reduce the conductance of the air space between different layers of glass.

Filling the space with a less conductive, more viscous, or slow-moving gas such as argon minimises the convection currents within the space. Conduction through the gas is reduced, and the overall transfer of heat between the inside and outside is reduced.

Triple glazing is effectively three panes of glass separated by argon gas, this means it has an extra layer of glass to insulate a home compared to double glazing. This extra layer makes it more difficult for heat to escape, maintaining the temperature of a house.

How Suntuitive is Improving Glazing Technology
Figure 2. Triple Glazed Window
Suntuitive has now developed a new type of glazing, Dynamic thermochromic self-tinted glazing. The glazing lightens and darkens by itself based on heat from direct sunlight. Throughout the day, the heat from the sun warms the windows. This causes the Polyvinyl butyl(PVB) interlayer to darken, creating a tinting effect over the window. As the sunlight recedes, the glass and interlayer cool and so returning to a clear state. It uses absolutely no mechanical or electrical source.

Suntuitive Thermochromic glazing has many benefits;

1. Preserves the view

- Suntuitive Dynamic Glass reduces the need for blinds and shading devices.

2. Increases security

- Since Suntuitive uses laminated glass as part of the glass make-up, it will not shatter, and the interlayer will continue to function and tint the window even if the glass is broken.

3. Saves energy

- Suntuitive minimizes energy use by reducing heat loads in winter as well as cooling loads in summer. This can result in energy savings.

4. Reduces noise

- Suntuitive Dynamic Glass reduces the sound. This is a great benefit for buildings close to highways and airports.

5. Glare moderation

- Suntuitive Dynamic Glass’s sun-responsive technology blocks excess light to reduce glare allowing people to use their electronic device easily.

Suntuitive helps the homeowner or the employer in an office let in more daylight and save money on energy bills. Request a quote from the team to see how Suntuitive can help your business.

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