Suntuitive's dynamic thermochromic self-tinting glazing has many benefits such as elevated mood, increased levels of concentration and higher productivity. However, a common question is: does it perform as well in cold climates as it does in warm?

The concern is whether in colder climates the laminated glass will not be able to retain any heat, therefore not activating the Suntuitive interlayer. However, the thermochromic feature eliminates this problem by allowing natural solar heat to enter the building, a feature that creates the added benefit of reducing heating costs.

In addition to this, in climates where snow is on the ground, Suntuititve glass is able to absorb the reflecting sunlight. This combined with any direct sunlight will cause the Suntuitive windows to tint, ensuring you do not have to close the curtains on a cold, sunny winter day to keep out the low sun or glare. 

These features make Suntuitives self-tinting glazing highly beneficial for both commercial and residential properties.

The Impact of Self-Tinting Glazing in Different Environments

Commercial Office

People in a commercial office find great benefit in the increased natural sunlight with positive effects occurring through increased productivity,  alertness in the office and better moods. The positive value extends beyond the office with research showing that daylight exposure throughout the workday effects employees sleep patterns when they go home. Exposure to natural daylight helps regulate sleep-wake cycles. 

Educational Building

The impacts of Suntuitive glazing also helps with education, as studies shown that light elevates mood, increases concentration, and it can even help raise average grades by up to 25%. Whether your building is for pre-schoolers, primary schoolers, high-schoolers, or student completing tertiary education: children, students, and staff all benefit from receiving more natural daylight.

Healthcare Building

The healthcare industry placing a greater emphasis on patient satisfaction and quality of care, has made the design of the built environment in healthcare more important than ever. For this reason, Suntuitive Dynamic Glass is a great fit as it acts to maintain a connection to the outdoors and having access to natural light. 


Suntuitive allows more natural light to enter a home, creating natural daylight automatically. Suntuitive Dynamic Glass minimizes energy use by reducing heat loads in winter as well as cooling loads in summer. More natural light means less of a need for artificial light. Using less artificial lighting can save energy and also have a positive effect on homeowners.

Suntuitive provides many people the benefits of natural daylight back into our indoor lives through a combination of elevated mood, increased levels of concentration, higher productivity and awareness.

Maud Dassen

Written by Maud Dassen