Infrastructure Sustainability Council Of Australia

IS Rating Scheme 

What is ISCA and IS rating scheme?

The IS rating scheme is a method used by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia to improve the productivity and liveability of industry and communities through sustainability in infrastructure. IS is a voluntary, third-party assured assessment that evaluates the overall sustainability performance of infrastructure assets.

Are you looking for an IS Rating for your next project?

At Certified Energy we take pride in helping our clients and their projects reach their full potential. We ensure maximum savings and minimum energy use through consultation and certificaitons, thereby allowing for cost effective yet sustainable solutions. If you would like to apply for a IS Rating, read the description below. You can also call us at 1300 443 674 or email us at where our dedicated staff will be more than happy to help you. 

When do I need IS rating?

Currently,IS rating can be applied when a project's total value is greater than $50 million, or when the project falls under any of these catagories.

Catagories that need ISCA ratings

Categories that need ISCA ratings
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What is ISCA and IS rating scheme?

Infrastructure typically lasts approximately 50 to 100 years. As a rating scheme, (ISCA) strives to cater for the changing needs of society and environmental conditions. Sustainable infrastructure can be defined as designing, constructing and operating infrastructure that allow society to adapt and optimise to changing social, ecological and economic outcomes in the long-term.  

ISCA is a method of rating and advancing sustainability outcomes in infrastructure by improving the productivity and liveability of industry and communities. The IS rating scheme was launched to promote infrastructure sustainability and is a voluntary third-party assured assessment that evaluates sustainability performance of infrastructure assets.


What is the process of IS rating?

The rating is a continous process which requires collaboration of an IS certified rater and an inhouse sustainability officer from start to finish. If an inhouse sustainability officer is not available, Certified Energy can provide the missing workforce.

The process is broken into 4 stages, as below, Fig(1). After the fee proposal has been accepted, our IS rating assessor will guide you through each step of the process. After the design phase, the IS certifier will complete the required certification and reports to ensure that your project will achieve both a 'Design Rating' and an 'As Built Rating'. Once we reach the operation stage, our rater provides the necessary reports needed for 'Operation Ratings'.  


Infrastructure lifecycle stages (sourced here)


What is the difference between ISCA and other rating systems?

The IS rating tool differs from other rating systems such as Greenstar, LEED, WELL and Lifecycle Assessment as a higher level of detailed communication between primary stakeholders and owners, and assessors is required during the rating process. Unlike the other rating systems, which have strict and specific compliance criteria, IS rating is less prescriptive and allows a level of flexibility in proving overall compliance.

How much does IS rating cost?

IS rating varies depending on the type of project being assessed.

To find out more about pricing, call us at 1300 443 674 or email us at 

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