How does the BASIX certificate work during the development process?

  • Obtaining a BASIX certificate
    Complete the BASIX assessment online tool to generate and print your certificate. A fee will apply depending on your proposed development.
  • Submitting your application
    Attach your BASIX certificate along with your development application to submit for application. If you wish to make changes to your project, you will need to revise your initial BASIX assessment and resubmit your application.
  • Assessing your application
    Once your application has been assessed and approved, your project must be built to the commitments stated on the BASIX certificate.
  • Construction certificate
    Prior to construction of your project occurring, you will need to apply for a construction certificate which will need to be attached to your BASIX certificate.
  • Occupation certificate
    A final occupation certificate will be issued upon confirmation that your constructed project has complied with the commitments stated on the BASIX certificate.
  • Completion receipt
    A final inspection is conducted before granting the occupation certificate. Prior to this, a BASIX completion receipt is to be issued.

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