What do BASIX limitations include?

There are various circumstances where BASIX fails to meet the thermal modelling capabilities of NatHERS. BASIX specifies each component of a house individually whereas NatHERS does not. This makes using BASIX alone difficult as the ‘rapid method’ of assessment jumps to solutions such as expensive windows or shading devices, impacting costs and aesthetics. For example, BASIX may specify higher performance glazing and all that can be done to avoid this is to reduce the area of glazing. However, NatHERS has the ability to compensate elsewhere e.g. increasing insulation to avoid the expense of high performing windows. This makes the use of both BASIX and NatHERS much more cost effective in terms of construction as well as continual energy expenses.

Am I locked into my BASIX commitments once a construction or complying development certificate has been issued?

Yes. If the applicant wishes to change their BASIX commitments after a construction or complying development certificate has been issued, they will need to obtain a new BASIX Certificate and then apply for a new construction or complying development certificate.

What is the difference between a BASIX certificate and a NaTHERS energy rating?

BASIX is a NSW government initiative designed to improve the environmental sustainability of residential developments. It sets out the minimum standards for compliance in the following three areas: water, thermal and energy. NatHERS is a national scheme that involves the thermal assessment of a development in order to generate a NatHERS energy rating, which can be used for the thermal section of the BASIX. NatHERS energy ratings are much more thorough, accurate and flexible than the BASIX thermal tool. In order to achieve the best thermal performance at the lowest cost we recommend using both BASIX and a NatHERS energy rating.

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