How much does a BASIX Certificate cost?

The BASIX certificate cost includes the required costs of the BASIX certificate as well as the cost of assessment. The cost of the assessment varies depending on the size and difficulty of the project.

NSW Government’s Guide for BASIX certificate cost

The following figures related to the BASIX certificate cost as indicated by the BASIX government website. A single dwelling costs $80, while a multi-dwelling costs $80 for the first two dwellings and $35 for each additional dwelling. The cost of residential flat buildings are variable as this is dependent on the number of units in the project. Alterations and additions cost $25 for each dwelling.

Certified Energy Costs

If your project does not require simulation, the BASIX certificate cost can range from $200-$350. This is inclusive of  GST and government disbursements which vary depending on the size of the project.

If your project requires simulation, usually an hourly fee of $100 per hour of work is charged. As a single dwelling takes approximately 4 hours to be completed, this could cost $400 in addition to the cost of the BASIX certificate and government disbursements

BASIX certificate costs regarding access to online Assessment Tool

The online Assessment Tool can be accessed on the BASIX website without having to pay a fee. Additionally, help notes are also provided free of charge to the public. Generating a BASIX report is also free of charge. Although the report contains the same information provided by a BASIX report, the report cannot be used to lodge the consent of a council or accredited certifier.

Cost for revising the BASIX certificate

There is no cost if you wish to revise your BASIX certificate. This is provided that the changes relate to the same property within the project and it is recorded on the original BASIX certificate.

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